Captain America

This is a classic Captain America image from the Marvel Civil War series a few years back. In my mind this is Cap at his very best.

Captain America PDF

Can’t wait for the Captain America movie!


web site planning and hippos

hey, haven’t posted anything in a while and today I stumbled across an article from Smashing Magazine on Web Site Project Planning I thought was pretty interesting. The whole thing is available for download as a PDF if you register on the author’s site here.

On a side note, I’m hoping to have some new artwork on here soon. I’ve got some rollerskatinghippo sketches from the long overdue 4th Episode. Which, if you haven’t checked out yet, definitely give it a look, it’s a site I built with some friends in high school and we’ve been trying to collaborate long distance during our college years. But keep an eye out and an ear open for more from rollerskatinghippo and feel free to comment or message me with encouraging words to keep that episode from being shelved for another 7 years lol.