Amusing X-men

Recently started reading Marvel’s: Uncanny X-men series from 2012. There’ve only been 8 issues so far, so it’s hard to condemn or condone the series so far. So if you’re an X-men fan and you’re trying to decide whether you should read, All New X-men, Uncanny Avengers, Uncanny X-men, Uncanny X-Force,  Wolverine & the X-men or Ultimate X-men, this isn’t the right place for you.

However, here’s an exchange between the X-men and the Avengers from Uncanny X-men #3 that I found very entertaining:






4 responses to “Amusing X-men

      • I really like your take on UA, especially the lack of minority characters, and looking back on the first few issues, the Red Skull really was being fought off by a lot of blonde blue eyed characters. But I think the point of the series is more villain centric then hero centric. Look at the Villains so far, all of them have been able to do far more terrible things by either working together or at least demonstrating that they aren’t drawing a line between mutant and non-mutant. Red Skull, an Avengers villain using a mutant brain to give himself powers. Rogue feeding off of Wonderman’s powers to accidentally kill Grim Reaper, and finally Kang, another Avengers villain pitting Apocalypse against Thor to further his plans.

        It’s definitely an odd series though, and I couldn’t agree more about Wanda and Rogue. For how much crap Cyclops is getting for AvX, Wanda seems to be skating by pretty easily.

        Rogue is also one of my FAVORITE X-men and I couldn’t agree with you more, Remender needs to stay away from her.

        Finally, not sure if you’ve read the latest issue of UA (9), but I’m a huge fan of the Sentry, and I did NOT see that ending coming at all!

        I’m willing to give it at least a few more issues.

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